Portfolios have always been the tool of the artist. It's the way artists reveal themselves: - "Hey - look at this! This is how I am. This is how I feel! This is me!" Whether you are a model, painter, songwriter, singer, actor or someone who builds ships in bottles, the Internet is for you.

ALIM.COM can develop your creative Internet presence Your way with our technical expertise. Your portfolio can contain digital graphics, video clips, sound bites, paintings, sculpture, handwriting for a calligrapher or tatoos for a tatooer.

Literally thousands, if not millions (estimated currently at 45,000,000) of people on the Internet can dial you up to view you or your creations. Their feedback will be positive because we will put your "best foot forward" on the Internet with our creative portfolios. You will get connected to other artists like yourself. And hopefully, you will make a sale of your product or services.

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